Elemro WHLV 48V100Ah ESS Battery

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Elemro WHLV lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 battery) is compatible with 20+ mainstream brand inverters. Various configurations can be provided to meet different demands. Perfect for household off-grid power generation system with photovoltaic panels (PV panels).

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Battery Cell Material: Lithium (LiFePO4)
Rated Voltage: 48.0V
Rated Capacity: 100Ah
End-of-charge Voltage: 54.0V
End-of-discharge Voltage: 39.0V
Standard Charge Current: 30A/100A
Max. Charge Current: 50A/100A
Standard Discharge Current: 100A
Max. Discharge Current: 150A
Max. Peak Current: 200A
Communication: RS485/CAN/RS232/BT(optional)
Charge/Discharge Interface: M8 Terminal/2P-Terminal(terminal optional)
Communication Interface: RJ45
Shell Material/Color: Metal/White+Black(color optional)
Working Temperature Range: Charge: 0℃~50℃, Discharge: -15℃~60℃
Installation: wall hanging

Introduction of Household off-grid power generation system:

Application scenario: small households, especially remote rural areas, mountains, islands, etc., far from the power grid.
Supporting equipment: solar panel, solar controller, energy storage battery, off-grid inverter, solar bracket/wire, etc.
Program features:
1) Self-produced self-use power supply, no need to be incorporated into the power grid, effectively solve the basic life of civilian electricity in areas without electricity;
2) Household off-grid power generation system can also be used as emergency power generation equipment in areas with unstable power to enhance power safety.

How to install the energy storage batteries?

1. get ready the energy storage batteries and determine the installation positions for the batteries.
2. make sure there is no danger and safety risk factors around the installation location, to ensure that there will be no accidental injury during the installation process.
3. reinforcing the support: reinforce the support on the position where the energy storage battery is installed.
4. install the battery and connect them with cables.
5. test and debug: after the battery installation is completed, it is necessary to test and debug to ensure that the energy storage battery can work correctly.

Elemro WHLV 48V100Ah ESS


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